What is a sustainable agribusiness?

Restaurants, grocery stores, fresh markets, bakeries, juicing, and fruit and vegetable processing businesses are working together with AES. By turning the co-streams generated from these fresh produce processing businesses into powder ingredients, AES helps companies become sustainable both in their working procedures and their product offerings.

AES is helping these businesses tap into new and emerging markets that are begging for clean, healthy ingredients that have a long shelf life and are easy to use.

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Our Products and Partners

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We manufacture our own line of Organic and Gluten-Free products under our Healthier Way Brand.


We develop custom ingredients for pasta manufacturers, chefs, and other like-minded businesses across industries.

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We process custom powder blends for a variety of customers and pack into end-consumer packaging.


Dan Rao is an accomplished executive with over 25 years of executive business management experience in both commercial and government industries. His diverse professional experience includes program management, product development, and sales management…with particular strengths in strategic vision and innovation. It is Dan’s passion to bring great products to market and partner with other companies who share the same vision.

In addition to leading AES, Dan guided the launch of a consumer products brand – Healthier Way. Healthier Way was established to utilize the powders that AES creates and sell them into retail as branded, consumer packaged goods. In partnership with a nationally renowned retailer, Healthier Way expanded into additional product categories. At its essence, the Healthier Way brand is devoted to promoting a natural and healthy lifestyle as do all of our products.

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