About AES


AES has proven to be able to mix short-term directives with strategic initiatives in a harmonious and profitable manner for the clients we represent. We are committed to earning our place as a trusted partner to our clients by providing the highest level of service, value, and integrity.

Our passion is revenue growth in new and/or emerging markets. Let your existing team focus on your core business sales, while our team develops new markets by understanding market requirements and by designing offerings to meet market demands. Through it all, our team will develop new market opportunities and close deals to drive top-line revenue growth for you.

The core of Assured Edge is comprised of its people. With decades of combined experience in AES, key personnel have depth and breadth of knowledge with a wide variety competitive marketplaces. We have been part of and have evolved to take on challenges within Agribusiness, Commercial, Defense,
Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Retail industries.

Our powders are easy to use in a variety of recipes and food products.