Manufacturing and Production Capabilities

From 'A' Plant to 'Our' Plant

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Fresh harvested produce or upcycled fruits and vegetables gets us pretty excited – after all, that’s what we do best – take those things, and manufacture them into something amazing. But it takes a Plant to do that.

A key differentiator for us here at Assured Edge Solutions is that we have our own Production/R&D facility, aka the LAB, located on the Cornell Agricultural Experiment Station campus in Geneva, NY, aka The Tech Farm. When we first got started in this business, it was fairly difficult to ask one of the larger manufacturing facilities in the area to halt their lines to have us run R&D projects, or to even do small batch production. They just aren’t set up for that, so we went out and got our own place.


Making your own Plant means you can design it for your needs, and the needs of those we’ve met who have similar production and manufacturing needs. In addition to R&D, our capabilities include:


SQF Level 2 Certification; 100% Natural, Non-GMO, NOFA-NY Organic Certified, and Gluten-Free

organic, NOFA

We process from raw materials

as either fresh harvest 
or upcycled co-stream.

Preparation: Shredding or Dicing

dicer, shredder, butternut, veggies, powder
shredder, butternut

You can’t dry them whole: 
From leafy greens to soft peppers to hard butternut squash – the dicer/ shredder cuts them down to size so they are ready for the dryer.

The shredder creates fairly uniform ‘pieces’ of product, which makes the drying go faster, more efficiently, and more uniformly.



It’s not Rocket Science, so we don’t use a jet engine to dry our product. Why? Because we believe that the end product retains more of its inherent flavor, nutrients, and color when the drying process is … “low and slow”.

That’s why we use the type of dryer we do. It doesn’t tumble the product (risk of bruising, even when being dried), and we don’t rush the process (risk of burning or scorching).

Nyle Brand Dryer
dryer, veggies, tray

Milling: Powder or Flakes

FitzMill, Mill

Whether we dry the product or it arrives to us in a more granular, dried form, we can turn the product into dices, flakes, or a variety of powders: from course to very fine.

Leek Flakes
Beet Powder


From glass jars to sealed pouches to bulk bag-in-a-box, we have the capabilities to help others with their co-packing needs.

We could not find a suitable vendor for our smaller processing runs – it just was not efficient for them, so we made an investment in ourselves. What we learned is that there is an entire community out there who needs mid-size co-packing and we’ve gotten to know some great partners along the way. If you are in need of co-packing, get in touch with us!


Glass jars filled, tamper sealed,
boxed for online retail customer.

miron, powder, copacking

Bags (or pouches) filled, sealed, and then
packed in master cartons for distribution.

healthier Way, copacking, sweet potato, flour

Milled and packed in bulk in food grade lined corrugate for ingredient customer.

bulk, powder, copacking