Healthier Way Branded Products

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Gluten Free Sweet Potato Flour and Pancake Mix

These Healthier Way products are made from 100% sourced USA sweet potatoes.

Our flour provides amazing taste that will lift your baking to an all new level. Packed full of vitamins, fiber, iron and calcium our flour will provide a nutritional boost to your baked goods and sauces.

Our pancake mix is easy to use and delivers fluffy, light, and delicious pancakes. Packed full of vitamins, fiber, iron and calcium, they provide a nutritional boost so you start your day in the best possible way.

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Frozen Organic Veggie
Noodles – New Options!

Healthier Way’s Frozen Organic Veggie Noodles are made from the finest 100% USA sourced vegetables. Providing great nutrition, they are a healthy alternative to regular noodles to use in your favorite recipes.

With five exciting varieties to choose from – two original: Beet, Butternut Squash, and NEW: Sweet Potato, White Potato, and Zucchini – you will find Healthier Way Veggie Noodles for any occasion.

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Just Launched – New
Organic Frozen Veggies

These new products are the latest offerings from Healthier Way. Organic Butternut Squash Dices, Organic Whole Pod Edamame, and Organic Sweet Potato Dices.

All of our products are sourced here in the US and you can steam them right in the bag. Frozen for maximum freshness, these veggies are great to have on hand to cook with when you need to add great flavor and healthy nutrition to your meals or snacks. Look for them now in a Wegmans Food Market near you!