AES focuses on Sustainable Agribusiness solutions where we will work with fruit and vegetable processing companies to safely collect, process, and re-purpose their by-products.

Instead of being discarded as waste, AES turns excess product and by-products into re-sellable powders. These powders will turn what was once considered a waste stream into a new additional revenue stream for the companies we represent.

AES has a vast network of Nutritionists, Manufacturers, and Co-Packers to develop new powder and flour products for you. Let us show you the possibilities.


Business Development
We work with you and your team to find new revenue streams that have been overlooked. After evaluating the current work processes, the AES team develops new products for new and emerging markets.

Project Management
Do what you do best and leave the logistics to us. From initial concept through production, the AES team has the knowledge and expertise to manage your product development, production, and sales.

Revenue Growth
The AES team is passionate about finding new and emerging markets that invigorate our client’s revenue streams. We will help you expand in your current markets or find new markets that match your business offerings.